Michael S. Gould possesses 30 years of well-documented, “real world” experience in the field of law enforcement and commercial dog training. He is highly credentialed and his vast experience as a founding member of the NYC Police Department's Elite Canine Unit, commanding the Nassau County Police Canine Unit, traveling the world studying, creating and applying advanced and innovative training methods for commercial applications. His background includes providing “explosive detector dogs” at ground zero on 9-11, to deploying US Navy Military Working dogs (MWD) in Europe during the war in Iraq. He is a court-qualified “Expert Witness” in the field of canine aggression, dog bites and canine “search and seizure.” Michael has lectured for municipalities across the country including the FBI academy in Quantico, VA. He is currently a paid consultant for several government agencies, as well private and municipal shelters. His experience is unmatched.
Camille Manganello-Adams has been an animal lover and animal welfare advocate her entire adult life.  She has been a volunteer and a rescue coordinator with Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. of Bohemia, NY since the its inception in 2007.  For the past decade, she has donated her time, money and talents training and rehabilitating rescue dogs.  Camille is a tenacious and passionate animal rescuer who has spent endless hours training and rehabilitating the most needy dogs at the local shelter. In addition to her extensive philanthropic efforts, Camille is a trainer, consultant and program coordinator for numerous groups, rescues and shelters in the North East. Her responsibilities include developing, customizing and designing training programs and curriculums for a diverse customer base.  She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author and Reiki Practitioner at CamilleLucy.com.  She serves on the board of Hounds Town Charities with her primary duty of training and developing our  Service, Therapy, and Companion Dog programs.